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What will I learn?

Smartphone Stories is a fun, interactive project led by expert facilitators that teaches participants how to make films using a smartphone. 


While designed as a two-day workshop, the program may run in a slightly different or remote delivery format in some locations. Check the main page calendar for specific dates and times in your location.

During the introductory workshop you'll learn the skills to produce, write, direct and edit a film made entirely on a mobile phone.



In Day One, we'll learn about the basics of filming with a smartphone.

  • Why use a smartphone to make a film?

  • Elements that make up a film

  • Things to do before you shoot

  • Using your phone's camera

  • Using natural lighting to get a nice image

  • How to record usable location sound

We then break into small groups to start filming your personal story using an interview or narration set up, inspired by the 60 Second Docs format. (Participants are still free to choose a different format if they like).


Finally, we will set you off with a homework task to film the rest of your one-minute digital story!




In Day Two of the introduction to smartphone filmmaking, you'll bring back footage and clips from home to use as overlay in your digital story, and we'll begin putting your film together.

Topics covered in Day Two include:

  • Using editing apps such as Adobe Rush, iMovie

  • Editing picture

  • Editing sound

  • Adding titles and credits, and finishing off your film

  • Sharing to platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok

We'll screen and provide feedback on your films as a group, and then discuss your own original ideas that you will start to make after the end of the workshop.



Limited on-call remote support is usually available individually to participants after the workshop to polish off your workshop film, or if you are endeavouring to follow up with an original short smartphone story idea on your own.

Your film is made to be seen!


A short time after the end of the introductory workshop, you'll usually be invited to screen your short film back to your community in a live public screening event, and your film will also be showcased on the Smartphone Stories YouTube channel.


You also own your completed film to submit to other festivals (see 'Wihoutabox', or online platforms such as web sites or social media, or community broadcasting.


The introductory program is designed to be accessible to everyone, and therefore is mainly focused on simple processes, using tools that everyone has at their disposal.

If you are interested in a deeper dive into film making using a smartphone, take a look at our optional three-day extension program

This is also free to participate in, by application, and may only be available in some locations. If not offered in your location, you can apply to attend in an alternative location.

Click here to read more about the Extension Program


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