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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you coming to my area?

Planned upcoming public locations are listed on the Workshops page.

If you're interested in us running a workshop in your location, please get in touch.

What about Coronavirus/Covid-19?

We follow current government health guidelines & advice including in relation to Covid. If participating in a workshop you must meet our Covid safe guidelines for participation, which include

  • Do not attend the workshop if experiencing symptoms or feeling unwell up to or during the workshop dates, or if testing positive for Covid, or have recently been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid.

  • Vaccination currency may be a requirement of participation in certain delivery locations. We will advise in advance if this is the case. Please notify us if you have a medical exemption.

  • Observe room density limits and ensure adequate room ventilation

  • Practise good hygiene and hand washing, and sanitisation

  • Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces, where possible.

  • Monitor and follow current government health advice if it supersedes the above.

What phone do I need to participate?

Any smartphone or device with a camera will do, however devices older than around 2016 may struggle in terms the latest filming and editing apps. If you have an older phone or pocket video camera, you can still participate and we will work with you to provide access to temporary tools so you can make a film.

What else do I need to bring?

We'll provide you with notes from the workshop, and as you make your second film, a complete reference handbook to smartphone filmmaking. You can prepare​ for the workshop by:

  • bringing an idea for a digital story that we will make during the workshop - something unique or interesting you can say about yourself, along with some photos or video clips if you have them to include in that story (don't worry too if you don't have anything, we'll help you make your story)

  • for any remote delivery workshops please install Zoom client on your computer

Which Apps can I use?

A free editing App of your choice is recommended for the workshop. We recommend Adobe Rush (iOS or Android), iMovie (likely already on iOS/iPhone)

While not essential, you may also consider installing these apps on your phone:

What kind of story can I make?

We'll make a short digital story about you during the two -day workshop, and also help you prepare to make your own original short story (your second film) along with ongoing remote mentoring support after the workshop. With the smartphone in your pocket, you can bring just about any story to life!


Typically a short 'mini documentary' story based around a narrated (personally spoken) story is he easiest way to get started with a smartphone story, as you are only relying on your own resources. You can appear in the story, or only feature your voice.

But you can make whatever you like. Other film ideas include

  • a short drama

  • a short comedy (or any other genre)

  • a documentary

  • a vlog or travel film

  • viral content

  • an artistic or experimental film

  • a music video

  • filming an event


We'll also help you share your work on a range of platforms such as film festivals, YouTube, IG TV, TikTok other web sites or community screenings! Watch this video - What Can I make? 

Do I own my films?

Yes (but give the project organisers permission to share them).

What do I need to do?

A smartphone story can be made by anyone. Bring a personal oral story to tell during the workshops & photos or video clips if you have them (to make your first 1-minute long digital story within the workshop, as you learn technical skills). We will then work with you remotely soon after the workshop as you polish off your film. A story can be made by one person, or by a team of people. We'd love to see stories set in places audiences haven't seen before, and that talk about new and different things. Finally, we will usually come back together to premiere all our films at a local screening event!

Do I need any experience?

Everyone is encouraged to participate, including complete beginners or people who already have some experience. If you have a little more experience or want to take a deeper dive into filmmaking after the introductory workshop, you should also check out our optional extension program.

Have your own question not answered here? Ask us on our Contact Page.

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