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  • 3-day intensive skills program in advanced filmmaking

  • learn about professional smartphone tools and accessories

  • Make a short film as a group

If you are registered for the VicHealth Smartphone Stories program, and want to dive deeper into the potential of making films with a smartphone, you can apply to participate in a free 3-day extension program that takes place directly after your introductory course. This is also free to participate in, by application, and may only be available in some locations. If not offered in your location, you can apply to attend in an alternative location.

In this program, you will, over 72 hours, make an original short film as a group following more traditional film processes with 'cast and crew roles'.

Program content

Day 1:

  • Collaboratively devise and script a short film using available people and resources.
    Participants can bring an idea to this program (along with concept, tonal or reference ideas, and resources like locations, actors or subjects) to pitch to the group, however only one idea can be made. The facilitator will help navigate this selection based on what the group would like to do, but also take into consideration what is practical and possible to shoot locally within one day.

  • Learn how to use professional smartphone filmmaking tools, phone apps, and accessories like gimbals, drones, tripods, lighting, audio equipment, jib and dolly

Day 2:

  • Shoot the short film, with participants taking on assigned crew roles

Day 3:

  • Edit and complete the short film project

How to apply

This intensive program may not be available in all locations. Once you register for the basic 2-day workshop we will advise you if this is available in your area, and how to apply to participate.

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